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E-Scooter "eSC-Ad1" grey/red


Advanced Line

7.5Ah/36V Li-Ion battery · 8.5" Honeycomb tyres · 350 Watt motor · up to 28 km range · up to 25 km/h · up to 120kg · electronic brake front / disc brake rear


BE COOL eSC-Ad1 - Driving fun in the middle class

Stability, safety, modernity and performance - the characteristic features of this e-scooter from BE COOL.

The robust and at the same time light chassis convinces with its high strength and is designed for a payload of up to 120 kg. The Be Cool eSC-Ad1 can be folded and stowed away in just a few seconds.

Safety is a top priority for BE COOL. This is ensured by the electronic motor brake and a rear disc brake as well as front and rear lights. The LCD display allows you to keep an eye on the speed and battery level.

The powerful 350 watt hub motor accelerates you to the maximum permissible speed of 25 km/h within a very short time. The 7.5 Ah/36 volt battery allows a range of up to 28 km*.

The special Honeycomb tyre is maintenance-free. Nails and shards cannot harm the tyre.

The user-friendly app gives you a precise overview of the current operating data such as battery status, speed or kilometres travelled.

Experience the new dimension of mobility and enjoy every ride with the BE COOL eSC-Ad1.


Well stowed and always ready to hand

  • Designed for short distances. Simply folded, the BE COOL eSC-Ad1 is the ideal companion in the city and can be taken on any public transport.
  • The lightweight design makes the e-scooter easy to carry.

Safety and riding comfort

  • The BE COOL eSC-Ad1 has an electronic motor brake on the front wheel and a disc brake on the rear wheel.
  • Riding comfort is provided by the maintenance-free 8.5" Honeycomb tyres.
  • In addition to the dual braking system, a bright light front and rear, reflectors and a bell ensure your safety.


* Test variables for range: Person: 70 kg, weather: dry, 25 C° and no wind, continuous speed
of 15 Km/h, track condition: flat, smooth asphalt.

The actual range depends on various factors such as load, temperature, wind speed, road
conditions and driving style.

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