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E-Scooter "eSC-Pro3" black/silver


Professional Line

17.5Ah/48V Li-Ion battery · 10" tubeless pneumatic tyres with gel · 600 Watt motor · up to 60 km range · up to 25 km/h · up to 150kg · front & rear disc brake · rear suspension · detachable & height adjustable seat


BE COOL eSC-Pro3 - a fully professional scooter

Power, innovation, handling, design - keywords that can be experienced here on every kilometre ridden.

The composition of high-performance components makes the BE COOL eSC-Pro3 a true powerhouse. Its highly efficient, brushless 600 watt motor accelerates you to the maximum permissible speed of 25 km/h in a matter of seconds. The driving dynamics, which are also supported by the full-suspension chassis, underline its sportiness.

The 17.5 Ah/48V battery provides pure riding pleasure for up to 60 km.

The wide handlebars and the independently operated front and rear disc brakes ensure your safety and keep the sheer power in check.

Front, rear and brake lights, as well as an indicator system, ensure visibility in traffic.

For added comfort, a seat is included for you if needed.

The tubeless gel tyres provide outstanding riding comfort and have a protective mechanism. Damage caused by broken glass or nails is thus largely prevented.


Wide handlebars and generous LED display


high-quality rear swing arm


                                                                       Comfortable, removable seat and underbody lighting


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