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Balance Board Streetart 6.5"



4000 mAh Li-Ion battery · 6.5" solid rubber tires · up to 10 km range · up to 12 km/h · up to 100kg


Let your creativity flow

It's not just the design that sets the mark. You can also fully live out your creativity while riding the balance board and enjoying the fun.

The built-in mechanism allows the driver to intuitively, hover and effortlessly control the balance board.

Safety is a top priority. There is an automatic shutdown as soon as the ground contact is lost and in case of falls.

The 6.5" tires are non-slip, durable and puncture-proof. With the right exercise, it is possible to drive on uneven surfaces. Just get up and you're off! They tilt in the direction of travel and the journey begins. The non-slip treads allow very safe movement.

The Balance Board STREEART stands for the highest demands coupled with a safe handling for your children.

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