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Balcony Power Station Storage 2240Wh

SKU: BP-B2500

2x 500 Watt DC-In - 2x 400 Watt DC-Out - DIY Installation - IP65 - LiFePO4 battery 2240Wh - 6000 charge cycles - App


The majority of users have a balcony power plant, but most solar power fizzles out unused in the grid. A power storage unit from BLUEPLAM changes that. The BP-B2500 makes it possible to temporarily store the solar power generated during the day in order to consume it in the evening and morning hours. Every customer who already owns a mini solar system or a balcony power plant, or who would like to acquire one, is a potential customer for our BP-B2500.

How does the BP-B2500 work?

During the day, the energy generated by the solar modules flows through the B2500 battery system via MC4 plug-in cables. The intelligent control system can control the discharge time to ensure that the energy flows through at the same time. From the battery storage, it goes back through MC4 plug-in cables to a commercial micro-inverter, which converts the stored direct current into alternating current to power your household appliances. Any surplus electricity or electricity not used when you are away is intelligently stored in the battery for use at night or over the weekend.

Expandable up to 6720Wh

At night, the excess energy stored in the B2500 battery system (2,240Wh) (expandable with 2x B2500 units to 6,720Wh) will continue to power most household appliances, from high-powered appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators to low-powered appliances such as Wi-Fi routers, lighting fixtures and laptops.


The MC4 inputs and outputs make our battery storage compatible with all commercially available solar panels, power plants and all micro inverters approved in Europe.

Technical Data



  • Capacity: 2,240 Wh
  • Cell chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Life cycle: 6000+, 25°C
  • Storage temperature: -10°C - 55°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C
  • Material: ABS +PC+ metal
  • Battery management system: OVP,UVP,OCP,SCP,OTP,UTP, etc.


  • PV input: 500Wx2 Max.
  • Battery voltage range: 42V ~ 50.4V
  • Charging voltage: 12V ~ 59V


  • DC output: 400Wx2 Max
  • DC voltage range: 42V ~ 50.4V
  • Discharge current: 19.04A Max


  • The BP-B2500 is expandable with up to 2 pieces of BP-P2500 or BC-P2500 to increase the total storage capacity from 2,240Wh to 6,720Wh max.


  • Product (W×H×D): 350×290×160 mm
  • Packaging (W×H×D): 409×395×229 mm
  • Net/gross weight: 19 kg / 22 kg








Technical changes, errors and colour variations excepted.

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