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Portable Power Station 1500 Watt

SKU: BP-S1500F

1568 Wh

Mobile Powerstation 1500 Watt - Sine wave inverter - LiFePO4 battery 1568Wh


Flexibility when charging your BLUEPALM Power Station

The Power Station has three charging options: Mains, car adapter and solar.

The built-in controller supports solar inputs of up to 1,000W (solar panel open circuit voltage range 12V-60V). In addition, your power station supports simultaneous charging and discharging, making it ideal for use outdoors or during unexpected power outages.

Emergency power for all occasions

With an impressive 1568Wh capacity and multiple outputs, the BLUEPALM Powerstation is the ideal emergency power generator and the ideal solution for outdoor use or power outages, so you don't have to worry about BLACKOUTs anymore.

A wide range of connections for versatile applications

The Power Station has

  • 1x cigarette socket
  • 1x AC input
  • 2x DC 7909 input
  • 2x DC5525 output
  • 2x AC output
  • 1x USB-C output with max. 100W
  • 1x USB-C output with max. 45W
  • 2x USB-A output

To meet your needs on the go, BLUEPALM Powerstation is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, fans, CPAPs and more.

Technical Data


  • Model: BP-S1500F
  • Capacity: 1568Wh
  • Battery type: LiFePO4
  • Single cell capacity: 30Ah@3.2V/Stk.
  • Life cycle: 4000+ cycles to 80% capacity.
  • Display: APP / LED Screen
  • Storage temperature: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Weight: 17.7±0.5kg
  • Dimension: 360*268*307mm
  • Battery management system: OVP, OCP, ODP, SCP, etc.
  • Solar charging system: MPPT charge controller


  • DC7909: 800W Max (DC / Solar 12V~60V).
  • AC: 1500W Max (220V~240V@50/60Hz)


  • AC: 1500W Max (220V~240V@50/60Hz)
  • USB-C #1: 100W Max
  • USB-C #2: 45W Max
  • USB-A: 18W Max (5V~12V)
  • DC 5525: 130W Max (12V/10A)
  • Cigarette socket: 130W Max (12V/10A)

Declarations of conformity

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