One Step 4in1 Hot Air Brush rosé


1200 watt power · 3 temperature levels · Ceramic coating · Brush head with 260 bristles


Be Cool One-Step 4in1 Hot Air Brush (DRY, STRAIGHTEN, STYLE & BRUSH)

The Be Cool One-Step 4in1 hot air brush is suitable for all hair types (and hair extensions).

The Negative Ion Styling Technology eliminates frizz, static, and split ends. The heating process produces a lot of negative ions, which can reduce damage to the hair root and make the hair shinier and smoother.

The 360 ° air diffuser and the high-quality ceramic coating provide better air, heat coverage, and ensure better heat distribution and faster drying.

Shorten the drying time by half and save valuable time!
The two massage balls of different lengths provide more space between the hairs. Your hair becomes soft, smooth, elegant, and shiny.

The lightweight ergonomic design and the 360 ° rotating cable provide maximum comfort and ease of use.
Avoid heat damage and care for your hair with the Be Cool One Step 4in1 hot air brush.

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Technical changes, errors and colour variations excepted.

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