Convector heater 2000W


2000 watts · 3 heating levels · Safety thermostat


SHX Convector

With an output of up to 2,000 watts, our SHX convector heater heats any room in no time and can also be used as a frost monitor. In addition to the compact design, the excellent price-performance ratio is also one of the advantages of the SHX convector.

Our SHX convector is ideal when cold rooms need to be brought to a pleasant temperature in the shortest possible time. As a mobile device, it can be used flexibly and, in view of its compact design, requires only a power socket in addition to a little space.

The most important advantages of the SHX convector briefly

  • With up to 2,000 watts, it heats any room effectively and quickly
  • The preferred room temperature can be easily and precisely controlled via the stepless thermostat
  • Comparatively low purchase costs
  • The convector is light and mobile and can therefore be operated in a space-saving manner without requiring a lot of installation work.
  • Low noise

Operation is amazingly simple

There are two illuminated switches on the left side of the unit. On the upper switches, you can select one of the three power levels. The rotary knob underneath can be used to adjust the desired room temperature easily and steplessly.

Once the selected room temperature has been reached, you turn the thermostat back until the unit switches off.


This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

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