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Glass convector 2000W


2000 watt · display · splash-proof (IP24) · touch control panel · remote control


Glass convector with 2,000 watts

  • Powerful 2,000 W heating power provides clean, condensation-free, and odourless heat - The SHE Glass Convector is a true expert in reliable heat control.
  • The SHE convector impresses with energy efficiency - The unit has an economy mode that is activated as soon as the desired temperature is reached.
  • With all its power, the focus is on protection, which is why it has overheating protection and the front surface is made of insensitive safety glass.
  • The glass convector convinces with effortless operation - the device has an integrated touch panel and is therefore very uncomplicated to operate.
  • The powerful heat output of the convector can be regulated in two diverse levels. You can choose between 1,000 and 2,000 watts, and for energy-efficient operation, the power is reduced when the target value is reached. Effortless operation is made possible via the touch panel integrated in the safety glass. You can set a target temperature value between 5 and 40 °C for thermostat-controlled automatic operation. The thermostat implements your target setting and regulates the heating power independently and energy-efficiently up to automatic on/off. In addition to the touch display, all functions and settings can also be conveniently controlled with the supplied remote control, making operation even more intuitive and quicker.


This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

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