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Ceramic fan heater 1500W

SKU: SHE19KH1500

1500 watt · swivel function


Ceramic fan heater 1,500 Watt

  • The latest PTC technology, the built-in high-quality ceramic heating element, can effectively heat the air within 3 seconds with this mini heater and immediately feel the warmth winter embrace in the cold.
  • Ventilate instead of heat. Use the unit as a fan on sizzling summer days. To do this, simply set a lower temperature on the unit than the actual temperature. Then the fan runs in single mode and consumes only 4.8 watts.
  • Safety is SHE's top priority. That is why the fan heater is equipped with a thermal fuse, an overheating protection and a tip-over protection, thus ensuring triple safety.
  • On the top of the heater there are two knobs, one for setting (800 W, 1500-watt fan setting only), and the other is an adjustable thermostat that can be set with a hot level convenient one. SHE uses high-quality flame-retardant materials. The unit switches off automatically when the radiator reaches 85°C.


This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

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