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Ceramic heating panel 550W


550 watts · 11 mm thin · display · can be coloured · wall mounting


SHX Ceramic Heating Panel

The SHX ceramic heating panel is significantly more efficient, economical & environmentally friendly than conventional electric heaters.
The maintenance-free ceramic heating panel works like the sun. The heating waves are transmitted directly to any solid material in the room. In this way, a lot of energy is saved.
The extremely thin ceramic heating panel (1.1cm) can be easily mounted on the wall with the supplied accessories.

The advantages of our SHX ceramic heating panel briefly

  • For centuries, people have been heating tiled stoves and enjoying cosy warmth. Even our ancestors knew what was good. The tiles of the stoves are made of ceramic. There is a good reason for this: ceramic is the material that has been proven to emit heat radiation most efficiently.
  • Thin ceramic plate, which radiates heat very quickly and intensively.
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Ceramic belongs to the group of materials that have the best efficiency for heat generation
  • Allergy friendly

The attached control panel with LCD display and timer, allows effortless operation and setting of the desired temperature and time.
Thanks to its environmentally friendly and well-thought-out design, this IR radiator is extremely easy to install with the mounting accessories. It is also easy to use and clean. 
The distinctive design and the paintable surface can be easily adapted to the environment.

Key point allergy!

Due to the nature of the heater, the ceramic heating element generates a temperature that does not cause any dust combustion. Consequently, less fine dust is produced, which again means that ceramic heating panels are a good solution for heating, especially for allergy sufferers. The ceramic heating panels of the SHX series combine allergy-friendly heating technology with timeless design.


This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

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