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Hoverboard / Balance Board 6.5" Graffiti


High-quality 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery · 6.5" solid rubber tyres · up to 10 km range · up to 12 km/h · graffiti design


Give free rein to creativity

It's not just the design that makes a statement. You can also give full rein to your creativity and enjoy the fun when riding the balance board.

The built-in mechanism allows the rider intuitive, almost floating and effortless control of the Balance Board.

Safety is a top priority. There is an automatic shutdown as soon as contact with the ground is lost, as well as in case of falls.

The 6.5" tyres are non-slip, durable and puncture-proof. With the right practice, riding on uneven ground is possible. Just get on and you're ready to go! You lean into the direction of travel and the ride begins. The non-slip treads allow for very safe movement.

The Balance Board Graffiti stands for the highest demands paired with a safe ride for your children.
safe driving behaviour for your children.


Great power and cool design

The motor power with 400 watts (2 x 200 watts) brings you safely to your destination with a top speed of 12 km/h.

The 6.5" solid rubber tyre is maintenance-free and there is no chance of a flat tyre. The aluminium rim design not only looks classy, but also offers high stability and robustness.


Safety first

If it gets a little darker or you are out and about in the twilight, you can make yourself clearly visible thanks to the lighting.

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